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lundi 17 juillet 2017

Mike Vick: Colin Kaepernick Should Cut Afro If He Wants NFL Job

Mike Vick

Kaepernick Should Cut Afro

… If He Wants NFL Job

7/17/2017 5:01 PM PDT

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Mike Vick says Colin Kaepernick should chop off his afro and go with a more “clean cut” hairstyle if he really wants a shot at playing in the NFL again. 

Vick laid out his strategy for the QB during an appearance on FS1’s “Speak for Yourself” — saying Kaepernick needs to change his appearance to something more “presentable.”

Vick says he loves Kaep to death and says he wants the guy to rehab his image so he can play in the NFL again. 

He also believes Colin is mainly unemployed due to poor play and not because of his National Anthem protest. 

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