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lundi 17 juillet 2017

Look! PUMA Is Collaborating with Jay-Z for ‘4:44’ Tour

Another day, another bit of JAY-Z news. This time around more news drops about the impending 4:44 Tour, which kicks off in a few months. Today the word on the e-streets is that PUMA Is Collaborating with Jay-Z for ‘4:44’ Tour.

According to Billboard, a PUMA source has confirmed a deal is in place between PUMA and JAY-Z for the tour, as we have seen the PUMA Cat logo on a Live Nation tweet sent out on July 9. While there haven’t been any details released as of it, we are expecting something from PUMA coming soon. The tour gets started on October 27 in Anaheim, California and concludes on December 21 in Los Angeles, California. Stay tuned for much more on this coming soon.

Photo provided by Live Nation


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