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dimanche 16 juillet 2017

Calvin Harris' Ex, Model Krislian Rodriguez, Rinses Off at Beach in Thong Bikini

Model Krislian Rodriguez

Calvin Harris’ Ex Oozes

Sex on the Beach

7/16/2017 12:40 AM PDT


Krislian Rodriguez got booted off last season of “America’s Next Top Model” for “oozing sex” a little too much … but that feature works just fine at the beach.

The model and former ‘ANTM’ contestant — who once dated Calvin Harris — flew solo to the Santa Monica beach this week to get some sun, splash around, and rinse the sand off afterward … all in a smoking hot bikini.

As we reported, Rita Ora slammed Krislian for oozing sex on ‘ANTM’ … and the model thinks Ora 86’d her out of spite because they both banged Harris back in the day.

That’s all irrelevant to these beach pics, though … so just enjoy ’em.

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