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lundi 19 juin 2017

11 adorable twins to follow on Instagram if you can't get enough of Beyoncé's bey-bies


Twins are sooooooo in right now. 

When Beyoncé announced her pregnancy back in February, the internet basically exploded. Nothing else mattered. Beyoncé pregnant with one baby? Amazing. Beyoncé pregnant with two babies? Basically a modern fairytale.  

Now that Queen B's twins have reportedly arrived, basically nothing else matters. But we all know she has been stingy in the past with the personal pics (and rightfully so). So how are we supposed to get our twin fix? Here are 11 adorable pairs you can follow to get your fill of double trouble. 

1Leia and Lauren

These identical twins from Singapore are an Instagram sensation, with more than 300K followers. Take a look at some of the videos of their inseparable bond and you will understand why.  Read more...

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